We apologize that Orka has discontinued sales in Canada at this time. If you have any questions, please contact our customer support.

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Test at Home, Tailored for You

Take Orka’s proprietary Hearing Test to customize your hearing aids. No additional equipment, at the comfort of your own home.

In-Situ Hearing Test

Using your own hearing aids for an In-the-ear assessment. Orka's devices are calibrated by engineers and audiologists to provide a more accurate measurement of hearing thresholds using your own ear acoustic.

Worry-free Remote Support

Fine-tune your hearing aids by Orka’s audiologists wherever you are. Request for help any time without repeated office visits.

Easy controls for every scenario

Adjust volume, hands-free calling, stream music, enhance conversations and reduce background noise.

How Does This App Work?

Switch Programs

Take control of your daily activities. Enhance conversations or toggle seamlessly streaming mode to take phone calls, stream music with Bluetooth 5.0.

Get true personalized experience by adjusting volume for individual hearing aids separately.

Turn on active whistle block for better hearing comfort.

Always stay up to date with Orka's latest firmware upgrades. Get our newest speech enhancement algorithms, noise cancellation features completely online.

3 Easy Steps to Enjoy Orka Hearing Aids


Start Risk-free Trial

Premium rechargeable, Bluetooth hearing aids with advanced speech enhancement.


Download Orka App

Control and customize your hearing aids with the free Orka App.


Complete your hearing profile

In-app hearing test you can take at home. No extra equipments needed. Automatically sync and update your hearing profile.

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