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Our Mission

Orka's mission is to make healthcare more human-centered and accessible by bringing together design and technology to solve hearing loss challenges intelligently and affordably.

Erase the stigma about hearing loss

The negative stigma associated with hearing aids deters people from seeking treatment. Many people believe that wearing hearing aids would make them look older and weaker. It’s time to change the discussion around that.

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Let's move things forward

At Orka, we refrain from contributing to the stigma. We would never trade on the idea that hearing loss is shameful, thus hearing aids should be hidden.

Did you know nearly 15% of American adults report some trouble hearing?

According the Better Hearing Institute, hearing loss has negatively impacted annual household incomes by up to $12,000 CAD; hearing aids mitigate that loss by as much as 50% to the healthcare expenditure.

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