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 Letter from CEO

Invitation to join us at ground zero and change the industry

Hi there,

I'm Ben Sun, founder of Orka.

As Orka refines its products in the past two years, we appreciate so much the inputs of our beta testers and customers that have been key to our improvement.

I still remember clearly the time when one of our earliest testers tried the prototype. His eyes were glittering as he exclaimed, "This is the first time I'm using hearing aids in a Starbucks and not getting overwhelmed by the noises!" In that moment, Orka was reassured: noise reduction is indeed what our customers need, and tackling this challenge is the right thing to do. "But the sound is a little tinny," the user reflected honestly. Feedbacks like these are a confidence boost but also a reality check. It is you who motivates us to relentlessly improve on our product and to persistently do better.

Innovation takes time to mature. This is only the beginning for Orka and for the industry, and we will not settle for less. Join us at ground zero and be a part of the change!

Orka is dedicated to make healthcare more human-centered via tech innovation. Send us your stories using hearing aids in the past. Tell us what latest technology you would like to see on hearing aids in the future.

In the past, the hearing aid industry was rarely centered around users. We want to change that! So, whether it be suggestions for audiology service accessibility or ideas for product development, your constant reflections on what we can do for you are the foundation of Orka's continuous advancement.